Personal Head Space

Stress is never pleasant. Even the stress of hard physical labour – that admittedly has a wonderful release of endorphins because of the exercise and a job well done – is not pleasant. The stress of being my husband’s brain, my son’s brain and my own brain as well as dealing with my daughter being a precocious two year old, and a teething five month old, has rendered me tired, snappish, sluggish and blah.

I am finding myself doing what a lot of other parents confess to doing. Instead of collapsing into bed early to get the sleep I need (and want) to deal with the stress and shenanigans of the next day, I stay up to try and get some private time. And yet, that private time is not spent just having ‘me’ time. I am working, or dealing with paperwork, or cleaning.


Something has to change. I want to do something to help my personal head space to be stress-less but still be as productive as it can be. Sleep is important, however, what I get done by sacrificing an early night means I feel I have accomplished something which leads to a relief of stress. I do have some ideas:

1. Actually get off my butt and exercise

Since Luke started his ECT our diet has gone out the window. We are comfort eating big time. All the old favourites. Carbs, on Fat, on Carbs, and in large portions. Still can’t picture it? Favourite dessert of the moment – Bread and Butter Pudding only with DONUTS instead of bread and butter.

It’s going to have to be starting small though. This morning I weeded the garden beds and simply bending over for a length of time had my legs shaking. It’s also going to have to be exercise I can do with my two year old climbing all over me.

2. ‘QUIET’ quiet time

I have gotten into the habit of listening to youtube content or podcasts while I do things around the house and then I get stroppy when my daughters interrupt me. I need to just turn off all the noise I fill my house and my mind with.


Reading is my rest. It really doesn’t matter what I read as long as I am reading something. It speaks directly into my soul like dance, or music does to others. I had started reading a portion of Hebrews every evening but am going to move on to Psalms and Proverbs.

I am hoping that by accomplishing these three things, at least three times a week, I will reclaim a sense of peace.

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